Monday, 8 June 2009

ratborg saucer

Click for bigger (229 kb)

and its all this guys fault, a few weeks ago i had never heard of ed roth, he was little known here in the uk.


jriggity said...

Ed Roth definately made an inpact here in America....

I definately thought the drawings were sooper cool as a Kid!!

Ships lookin great too!!


mikemikemotorbike said...

Hey there,

I'm the animator and designer for Tales of the Rat Fink. Thanks for blogging on it. I didn't even know the movie was available from Shout online! Love your work.

amoebaboy said...

thanks justin its been an amazing find for me, a single comment made by one of my American friends led me on a mission of discovery.

and mike thanks man, you did an amazing job on the movie, i read a bunch of favorable reviews and desperately wanted to see it, i was totally blown away when i found it online, fine work sir very fine indeed.