Tuesday, 8 November 2011

new band new guitar

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check this out, got it a few days ago, interesting take on the vox phantom, made by eko who made phantoms in the sixtees.great guitar, with 3 mini humbuckers in it, might go for a single coil in the bridge at some point also been asked to join a band, a punk/ ska/dub/rock outfit formerly known as big stone culture.
couple of videos of the band on my youtube if you would like to check em out.


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

the lambretta from nowhere

oh no more scooters !
given to me by an old friend who could not face seeing it rot in a bramble bush in Corfu.
its a lambretta 125 series 2 li, circa 59-63.
it looks much worse than it is the frame is solid and its just about complete.
its just the thing ive been looking for, but the prices these things are going for, even in this condition are simply beyond silly.

well there you have it, heres some pics of a 1966 vespa super i restored last year i hope it turns out half as nice.
note the extra bling ! white walls chrome hubcaps and an outrageous flash gordon rocket ship tailpipe.

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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

after a long break

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haven't made a proper blog post in ages, i finally got a bit of time to work on the scoot.
the engine pods were an absolute pain to get right, but im finally happy with the results.
they are hollow with mesh grilles on the front, i hope to have some sort of lighting inside them.