Monday, 26 January 2015

Oh no flying saucers in the backyard again

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nearly a meter across a work in progress  , this ones been hanging about in my workshop since last summer dusted it off and did some work on it today, beating out the dome and cutting the windows out.
all aluminium so far trying to keep it that way.

Monday, 8 December 2014

couple of new recycled stoves

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the stove made for my yurt, it has front opening hatch with  a window and a separate door underneath for getting rid of the ash,  the handles are turned from  ashwood i cut from the garden last year, the main body is made up of three different recycled  gas cylinders, and the porthole is fashioned from a drum kit ride cymbal. the heat this generates  is tremendous the body can get cherry red if you open up the butterfly valve in the bottom door.


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sauna stove made from recycled gas cylinders with multi butterfly air intakes , still needs some sauna rocks in the basket, its as hot as hell in there when this thing gets going. 

Thursday, 14 August 2014


not posted for aaaaages due to moving house, breaking my camera, looking for work all kinds of things .
normal service will be resumed as soon as possible lots of stuff being done as we speak.

here is a special treat for anybody who can still be bothered to read this rubbish.
an old internet chum of mine Cyriac Harris makes wonderful animations, i can honestly say there is nobody quite like him, his style is unmistakable and totally original.
heres his latest work.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

a fantastic all day mod event in birmingham

filmed back in may, a brilliant all day event in Birmingham.celebrating mod culture, i appear in this twice very briefly thank god.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

hard at work getting ready for a mini exhibition

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did loads of work on this today, a fly screen spot lights, mirrors and a host of details and wiring.

the public art gallery in my home town of west bromwich are hosting an exhibition of my stuff, no details yet as to when but its happening soon.

Monday, 6 May 2013

GORDON BENNET ! The mysterious case of the Gordon Bennet case

My old friend dean Clewes has some interesting old things, he recently acquired this old leather suitcase, inside there is an engraved brass plate which reads. Presented to tho,s f dodd esquire by the Manchester cycle &  motor trades party, Gordon Bennet race, July 4th 1903.

 Astonishingly there is a film of the event, moving pictures had not long been invented or for that matter the motor car. at the time of the race, there were no more than 400 cars in the whole of Ireland,  most of the locals had never seen one before.
 This battered old leather case is a relic from one of the very earliest international car races, the grand prix of a hundred years past. hair raising speeds of 50mph were recorded but the cars were piloted through the villages, by boys on bicycles to avoid accidents.


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 while researching the mysterious case i came upon this nice little article,which explains the origins of the race, and a little of the wild hell raising  lifestyle of its reckless millionaire benefactor.

 I suspect not many people know exactly why, but his name still crops up regularly in England, particularly the south, To proclaim GORDON BENNET ! usually means youve had some sort of unexpected surprise, and not necessarily a nice one.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

sea apes, surf

quickly lashed together a video for one of our songs , a few scenes at the end never seen before

some stuff i made on youtube