Sunday, 26 April 2009

another new saucer taking shape

mainly constructed from perspex and epoxy putty with brass and aluminium tubes.


jriggity said...

very very cool brother!

perspex and epoxy putty with brass and aluminium tubes.?

so do you sculpt the main sauser shape with the Putty?

and what exactly is perspex?


amoebaboy said...

perspex is a trade name over here, it has become a generic term for clear plastic,or plexiglass, the sort of stuff used for windows where glass may not be appropriate, aircraft windows for instance.
it is a good solid stable material for building stuff with, not prone to bending or expanding under hot lights.
the main saucer shape is two clear plasic domes one on top of the other.
the fins or fenders as you might call them are sculpted on top of the domes with epoxy putty,i use milliput fantastic stuff, then i file or sand it to shape.
the brass and aluminium tube is set into them for the lights.
this is more or less the same technique used on a great many big studio models.