Saturday, 11 April 2009

mickey lee lane saw my space monkey video !

yes indeed the man himself saw it and and likes what i did , i love this track its a rip roaring garage classic, i still play it loud and often.
my only regret is the original hi res version of this movie no longer exists, my computer suffered a massive meltdown shortly after its completion.
i still have some of the scenes in unedited form but not all of them.
i may return to the project at a later date, the old youtube compression played havoc with my artwork.


jriggity said...

Wow man!

That was really great!! I really really liked it.

great work....and My idea of your artistry just expanded.


amoebaboy said...

glad you liked it J a comment like that just makes me want to carry on making this stuff, when someone as talented as yourself says its good it makes all the difference.
now quit watching youtube and get on with your film, we're all waiting patiently for your next cinematic masterpiece.

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ dahyum! where'd YOU pop up from? ! and a vespa repair being as well1
tsk. glad halfland lady subtly nudged me at you.

(^ you like playing around with music videos or you in this for cash on the hourly?

enough of a gleeful grin at the monkeys from space for now.
ask letendre about Phil.
(^ >prosser

amoebaboy said...

hi brye, i have made a living from art of one kind or another for many years, not much of a living but i enjoy every minute, i have a rubbishy day job at the moment that gets in the way of all the important stuff.
paid work is always welcome, i did the mickey lee track for fun, the palookaville stuff i did bcause they are friends of mine

Domitype said...

Did you see the flying scooters in the SciFi Channel Alice in Wonderland remake?