Sunday, 31 January 2010

pink n chrome

Click for bigger (84 kb)

pink n chrome lots of lovley chrome, the bare metal foil bought from a local model shop is the mutts nuts, dead easy to apply but you need to have a supply of realy sharp blades to cut the stuff.
just cut a peice a little bigger than you need cover the area, burnish into the corners and polish with an old bit of t shirt.
then its just a case of trimming and lifting off the exess with a sharp blade.


Shelley Noble said...

Looking dead great. Bare metal foil? Sounds brill. Is that similar to silver leaf? Or is it thicker if you can say?

amoebaboy said...

its what i would imagine silver leaf to be, iv'e never used it.
it comes in loads of colours from ultra bright chrome to black chrome brass, copper, and a few in bettween.
made in farmington michigan. the trade name is bare metal foil co.

jriggity said...