Sunday, 17 January 2010

adding the detail

Click for bigger (100 kb)

most of the electical and structural work is done now.
my depressing lousy job is taking up waaaaay to much time.


Shelley Noble said...

It's sheer brilliance. That may be your job. But this is clearly your work.

Have you read Hugh MacLoed's essay called "Sex and Cash"?

amoebaboy said...

aw thanks shell, i did have a quick look at sex and cash, wise words indeed.
there may still be hope for me yet.
i guess i'l keep plugging away till somthing happens.

jriggity said...

great as always!

and man....I hear ya on the day job cutting into the fun stuff!


McTodd said...

Awesome, truly awesome! A beautiful fusion of artistic and technical ability and sheer wit! This is possibly my favourite of your hotrodding saucers.