Monday, 26 January 2009

done and dusted

Click for bigger (135 kb)

the varnish is drying as i type.
finally finished it, big tidy up now the house is a right mess.


jriggity said...

What a great finished piece man!

well done.


people in gorillasuits said...

That did it. Finally I get my lazy backend up and finish packing out and sorting in and everything and start this whole stop-motion thing again today !
Holly I-don't-know-what ! That stuff is great. Beautiful in it's weirdnes and everything. All that nice details, the chessboard and the Hot Rod Red. Yahoo ! (sorry, couln't resist...)

people in gorillasuits said...

Heya, about the T-Shirt idea mentioned at the board... I am really thinking about doing one. I have here the possibilty to do some Screen-printing (I think it's called - stencil, colour, T-Shirt...). I am far away from advertising it as my idea, but I really like the design and I really think that you might be able to do that yourself, but maybe you can help me with some pictures or ideas. YOu can reach me via my blo or elomoATgmxDOTat. Thank's a lot in advance.

McTodd said...

God's teeth, that's fantastic work amoebaboy! I shall peruse more of your site when I get the chance.

BTW, Joe Scaramanga at b3ta told me he had a good chat with you this past weekend at the Brum bash - I would have been there, and am gutted at missing the chance for a face-to-face natter, but for the fact I was laid low with oyster-induced food poisoning (I am never going near oysters again, toxin-ridden little feckers).

groovista said...

Follow-up to my reply on SMA --


Concept, design, and execution are simply superb. You should see if you can show your saucer to Uncle Ray; I bet he'd get a real kick out of it.

I have a couple of rare art books about Wally Wood, the legendary comics artist who created the "Mars Attacks!" imagery. I can send you some scans if you like.

amoebaboy said...

thanks guys, nice to hear the comments.
jriggity, just had a look at the new puppet test it looks absolutley fantastic!

people in gorillasuits,
if you want to make yourself a t shirt go ahead, sorry i cant do any design for it i have barely enough time to work on stuff as it is.

mc todd
shame we missed one another at the bash, i might be attending the london one if you can make that.

thanks for the comments here and over on SMA,
uncle ray indeed, i am not worthy !!!!!!!!
those scans sound interesting in should be very interested to see those, i shall contact you thru your website if i may.

once again thanks, i shall be updating just as soon as i have somthing worth showing, cheers all.

McTodd said...

A b3ta bash in London? Ooh, first I've heard of it! As long as it isn't the last weekend of June, I'll be there. BTW, on my blog you asked if I'd seen Blackmoon's video: yes, I have, I was lucky enough to download it before it vanished and, to be brutally frank, I pooed myself laughing!