Sunday, 1 June 2008

space zombie

i wanted to create something a little more sinister for my next project, the idea for it initially was a kind of ghost ship with a long dead astronaut at the wheel of his craft. a bit like the old aurora horror kits forgotten prisoner.
but then i thought naaaah a space zombie would much be more fun.
the cockpit tub is made fromm an acrylic tumbler, i will be using this to create lighting efects later on, in the first pic you can see a green halo and two lights inside the helmet it has two tiny bulbs inside that shine into a green plastic hemisphere embeded in the helmet.
the pilot, steering column, and cockpit detail is sculpted from white milliput epoxy putty on a wire frame.

1 comment:

emmyymme said...

He's awesome! Really like the sort of sci-fi movie stylization to him.